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    Plant-based food in Gilbert, AZ

    beet burger

    Black Bean Burger

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    Shack-made beet patty, mashed avo, cucumber, lemon tahini

    vermicelli bowl

    Rainbow Tofu Vermicelli Bowl

    Flavors, in a bowl!

    Five spiced tofu, rainbow slaw, soy caramel sauce tossed glass noodle

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  • Seed Shack Gilbert

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    "Finally, I found a place that I can order something on the menu and not have to obsess over what ingredients may be in the food or how they might have prepared the meal."


    -Ryan (Yelp)

  • Who We Are

    Seed Shack drives to promote a friendly plant-based eating experience for all. We serve a diverse menu comprised of American/Oriental fusion cuisine with seasonal herbs and ingredients. We have a vision to plant seeds for the better future. We sell taste, create memories and advocate love. We look forward to seeing you soon!

    About Us

    Seed Shack was started by two sisters who want to offer plant-based dining. Located in Gilbert, AZ, our restaurant is family owned and offers gluten-free options. Our food is delicious and isn’t catered to just vegans but people from all diverse backgrounds.

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